Making A Donation

Any donation, big or small to the Wagga Wagga Uniting Church has an impact on our community. We greatly appreciate all donations and in any way or form. You do not have to donate in the form of giving with money. You can donate your time, gifts or talents by volunteering or getting involved, or you can donate your time to praying for the community.

Where does the money go?
Depending on how you donate will affect where your donation will go.

  • Your donation may go to the welfare fund account, a fund that the church uses to help or assist people who require funds in times of need.
  • Your donation may go to one of the charities the church regularly gives to. These charities vary from local to international in nature.
  • Finally, your donation may also go to helping to assist the costs of running the church.

We understand that each person and family has responsibilities, pressures, and limits. Please remember that by giving to the Wagga Wagga Uniting Church in no way obligates you to continue donating.

There are many ways to donate to the Wagga Wagga Uniting Church and all are appreciated. In each section below, you can find description and instructions for each method of donating.

Credit Card Donation / PayPal Donation
You can make a one-time donation through the PayPal merchant gateway.

Re-occurring Credit Card Payment
If you would like to make a reoccurring credit card payment weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually, you can make a re-occurring payment through the PayPal merchant gateway.

Envelope / Plate Donation
At each services, a plate is passed around and you can place your donation in the plate. Feel free to place spare change or no donation at all.

If you are creating a will, or you would like to leave a bequest to the Uniting Church in your will, please contact the Team Ministry Centre.

Self-Help Donations
When you make a self-help donation, you can deposit a sum of money with Uniting Financial Services. This money remains yours and you can access it at any point. However, you can donate your interest or portion your interest you would normally receive to the church. To make a self-help donation, please contact the Team Ministry Centre.