6:00pm Pilgrim – Glenfield

The 6 pm Pilgrim worshipping community is a small multi-aged group who are more than willing to explore forms of worship outside the traditional “box”. The small nature of this group enables focus on strong relationships and community building.

Our worship often includes interaction and group discussions, as well as exploring God’s Word. Music is an important part of the worship, and we enjoy experiencing diverse types of music. Whilst a small group, we welcome all opportunities to meet new people and develop new friendships.

6:00 pm Pilgrim Service is held at the Pilgrim Uniting Centre at 10 Tanda Place, Glenfield, Wagga Wagga.

The Elders that attend this service are listed below. If you would to attend the service with someone, feel free to contact them via the Team Ministry Centre

  • Marilyn Walter