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Wagga Wagga is part of the Murrumbidgee region in the heartland of the Riverina in NSW. With a current population of approximately¬†65,000, Wagga Wagga is New South Wales’s largest and fastest growing regional city and listed as one of Australia’s top 30 growth centres.

Strategically located and connected midway between Melbourne and Sydney, adjacent the Hume Highway and on the Sydney to Melbourne rail line and the Adelaide to Sydney Sturt/Hume Highway. Wagga Wagga is a key industry, administration, cultural and infrastructure centre for the wider region.

According to the Wagga Wagga City Council’s 2008 Economic Profile:

  • The economy of Wagga Wagga has strengths in the property & business services, manufacturing and government administration and defence sectors.
  • Strong labour force growth and a declining unemployment rate reflect a positive labour market and job prospects in the region.
  • The region has a long association with the armed forces. This was strengthened by the recent investment of $60 million in defence training facilities at the Wagga Wagga army and airforce base.
  • The sheep, cattle (beef & dairy) and grain farming sectors have historically been the backbone of the local economy. This sector is supported by the agriculture services sector, export infrastructure and an established supply chain.

– AEC Group, (2008). Wagga Wagga Economic Profile. Wagga Wagga City Council (Page 2).

Wagga’s population forecast is for continued growth in the future. According to Wagga Wagga City Council’s 2008 Economic Profile, “over the past five years, the population of Wagga Wagga has grown at a faster rate than the New South Wales average and is projected to increase by a further 15% over the period to 2026”.

Charles Sturt University has its largest campus in Wagga Wagga and caters for the largest overseas and online student population in Australia.

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