Organisational Structure

At Wagga Wagga Uniting Church, we encourage openess and transparency in our organisation. At the core of our organisation, we are governed by the members of the congregation. To ensure continued operation of the church, the congregation elects a church executive and congregational representatives called elders & leaders. We have created a document that outlines the structure of our organisation. You can download this document using the link below. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view this document.

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Organisational Structure



Elders & Leaders

Within our congregation, there are some members who volunteer to be responsible for the pastoral care and direction of a portion of the congregation and community. These congregational representatives are called Elders.

Also, there a members who volunteer to be responsible for the business and administration of ministerial activities and events. These congregational representatives are called Leaders.

Often, there is a blurring of responsibility between these two types of volunteers. More often than not, these volunteers are just ordinary members who bridge the gap between the members of the congregation and the church administration.

There are 25 Elders & Leaders in the Uniting Church, each are members from each of the worshipping communities. These volunteers are usually elected for a period of time between to 1 – 5 years and are elected by the church congregation as a whole.

See below for a list of the current Elders & Leaders:

Name Congregation Elected to
Hugh Condon Wesley 2016
John Dent Pilgrim 9:00am 2016
 Brian Dietsch Pilgrim 9:00am 2015
Glenn Elliott-Rudder Pilgrim 10:30am 2015
Duncan Farquhar Pilgrim 6:00pm 2016
Alexandra Faulkner Pilgrim 6:00pm 2015
Owen Goodacre Pilgrim 9:00am 2014
Grace Hatty Wesley 2014
Julia Howitt Pilgrim 6:00pm 2015
Jayne Larson Wesley 2015
Jisu Kim Wesley Korean 2014
Betty Loiterton Pilgrim 9:00am 2018
John Rumens Wesley 2014
Margaret Rumens Welsey 2014
Phil Sheather Wesley 2015
Lorraine Thomas Wesley 2015
Nerida Willis Pilgrim 10:30am 2017
Jeff Willis Pilgrim 10:30am 2014
Holly Wright Pilgrim 6pm 2018
Janine Kwak Wesley Korean 2014
 Justin Ji Wesley Korean 2014