Our Mission & Vision

Living the Love of Jesus through the Joy of Worship, Sharing of Faith, Humility of Service, Care of People and the Challenge of Learning.

The Isaiah Vision for Christian mission in the world underpins the programs and activities of the congregation. The Isaiah Vision is based on theologian Raymond Fung’s work in his book  “Isaiah Vision: An Ecumenical Vision for Congregational Evangelism”.

The Isaiah Agenda based on Isaiah Chapter 65 verses 20-23 describes what God wants to see happen in the human community:

  • Children do not die
  • Older adults live in dignity
  • People build houses and live in them
  • Those who plant vineyards eat fruit.

The underlying concepts of the Isaiah vision for the congregation:

  • It is rooted in God’s will for the creation
  • It is universal
  • It is modest
  • It is easy to see where individual Christians fit in
  • It requires no special expertise or finance

The vision call’s all Christians to ministry in the community something the members of the congregation are already doing in many different ways.

Wagga Wagga Uniting Church identifies itself in the following ways:

  • Confesses Jesus Christ
  • Gathers regularly for Worship
  • Seeks to pursue the Isaiah Agenda in partnership with other people
  • Is on a journey towards the City of God
  • And have the gift of the Holy Spirit in order not to lose its way